I broke my thumb…                   [see the photo here]

I am the scarecrow in the Mylnhurst production of The Wizard Of OZ            [see the photo here]

I did a trombone exam with my pot on…                  [see the photo here]

And I did my SAT’s (year 6 version GCSE’s which were very hard!)

All in a month’s work! I have now got my plaster cast off but still unable to play sport for another 3 weeks!

I’m now just about to go to the Mylnhurst camp night (dad is looking forward to that… not!) and it is thankfully not raining (touch wood) but it is very cold.


The Next Day

Camp night was great. I saw some of my friends and we chatted together. We stayed up quite late but it was worth it. We had a great time!

Sorry. I’m running out of things to write about (which is unusual for me).

Another update coming soon…

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