Je suis arrivée! After a slightly under-the-weather and emotional last week at home, I said a temporary “au revoir” to Millhouses Lane and set off on the three and a half hour drive to Gatwick airport. I was very kindly driven and accompanied by my parents and Jack, who all suffered the long journey fairly silently but in good humour. I said my farewells, passed through customs successfully (without bleeping) and following a quick mooch round duty-free, I boarded my (delayed) flight to the south of France. I was met at the other end by a lovely little French Madame and I received the predictable impressed-but-slightly-doubtful facial expression when I explained that I do indeed have “quatre frères”.

I have just finished my first week here. The weather is amazing. 25°C is the coldest it’s been all week which has called for plenty of “pique-niques” and, of course, a few refreshing “verres de vin”. Although my sense of direction is rather on the rubbish side, I feel that I vaguely know my way around Bordeaux already and my first week has been a hilarious mixture of new French vocabulary, a few “soirées de cocktail” and a whole lot of “chic”.

My host family is very kind. In fact, I had mentioned (as I do to anyone who will listen) that at home we have pizza night every Sunday. Sunday night came around and sure enough, I was informed that we were having pizzas (made from first principles) in honour of the famous Green family tradition!

I am yet to go to the beach, see a French person wearing a beret or taste any frog limbs, but I will keep the blog updated. Au revoir mes cheries!

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