So the end of the first month of Bordelaise life is approaching fast and I am certainly feeling very French. I have so far managed to avoid eating an escargot and I still haven’t ridden a bike (although the latter is on my Bordeaux bucket list… don’t worry mum I’ll wear a helmet!)


1.  Bordeaux women are just so effortlessly chic. Whether they are gliding to the market to buy their groceries or elegantly having a coffee, these gals sure know how to work it. The Brits are most definitely conspicuous by their pallor (either transparently pale or violently sunburnt), their insistence in wearing shorts at all times (rather a lot of flesh on show compared to the polo-neck jumpers sported by the French in 30 degree heat) and perhaps a slight lack of gracefulness.

2.  Dog owners have a rather carefree attitude towards their dogs’ toilet habits in public places. And the most surprising thing is that all of the dog poop on the pavement appears to be trodden in. Unfortunate for the victim. One does wonder how someone could fail to look down and dodge the doo. But ***t happens. C’est la vie mon ami.

3.  We all know the typical food for which France is famous… great cheese, superb bread and a beautifully warm croissant fresh from the bakery. Mm mm mmm. However, after a closer look at the delicacies offered in Carrefour (and based solely on a hungry student’s lunchtime requirements) it would appear that England is in fact missing out on carrottes rappées (grated carrot in a selection of dressings), compote de pomme (effectively just apple purée/baby food) and an abundance of figuettes (you got it… mini dried figs). These items are all truly things of beauty and I plan to smuggle some of these items back into the UK on my return.

4.  If you don’t know the answer to a question or if you just feel your sentence is lacking a special something, why don’t you throw in a few made up words? Bah, you know what I mean? Bof, it just makes it that little bit more exciting doesn’t it? Hop, that’s right. Pff, great stuff.


Oh là là là.



Yes, I did get locked in a toilet for forty minutes…

…and yes they did have to break the door to get me out. So. Not. Chic.

Day trip to Saint Emilion

Trying desperately to be French



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