Like all good blog posts, this one begins with a fairytale…
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a young man by the name of Joseph Angus Fleming Green made a very important decision. He decided, against all advice, to venture to a hitherto unknown land known as The North in the pursuit of higher education. Like any brave knight, his destination was a castle atop a hill, full of fair maidens. Joseph was full of good intentions and was planning to find a virtuous damsel in distress for the rescuing. However, once he arrived, it became clear that none of the damsels were in need of a saviour, as this is the 21st century and women are perfectly entitled to slay their own dragons with equal pay. Disheartened, Joseph found himself at a loss. One day he was wondering through the statue gardens, doing some soul searching and trying to find a new purpose in life, when he stumbled across a hidden cabin. The sign above the door was written in some foreign tongue and he had to crack a difficult code in order to gain entry, but this was no problem for our brave knight. He proceeded with caution into the cabin, where he encountered the most beautiful and enchanting creatures that he had ever laid eyes upon. He thought to himself “Finally, I have found my true calling; to serve these heavenly beings and do everything in my power to enrich their lives in any way that I can. I will not rest until their every whim is satisfied, their hearts desires are met and they are truly and utterly joyous.”


Seven months later…
Hello from the aforementioned beautiful and enchanting creatures. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Little Rachel, Tall Rachel and Hannah, collectively known as Hannah & the Rachels. We have taken it upon ourselves to guide Joey through life away from Sheffield (we should probably apologise at this point). I would love to be able to tell you that Joey has fulfilled his pledge from earlier, but that would be stretching the truth slightly too far. He has given it his best shot, though, and provides us with great entertainment (particularly when singing or dancing). We have been petitioning for quite some time now to get our names on the Family Green blog and, after granting him copy approval, Joey has finally conceded. As the astute amongst you may have gathered, it is currently the Easter break and so the four of us have no business being in the same place. What happened was that, in spite of our incredible self-sufficiency, we all missed each other terribly and needed an excuse to have a break from revision. Our prayers were answered when the beautiful Tall invited us all to her lovely home for a couple of days of respite.

We arrived in Manchester one blustery Tuesday morning full of anticipation for the 48 hours of fun ahead of us. The trip got off to an excellent start with two members of the party being on the same coach of the same train for over an hour without crossing paths. We had a fabulous day taking in the sites of the city followed by a relaxed evening filled with board games and lounging. The next day, us girls did what we have been longing to do for quite some time now; took Joey shopping. Despite his initial protestations, he reconnected with his feminine side and eventually got into the swing of things. We left the Trafford centre several hours later, significantly poorer and laden down with bags. Our generous host then treated us to a local delicacy known as ‘salt & pepper chips’. Having heard an awful lot about these we were afraid that they would not live up to expectations; however thankfully, they did not disappoint.

The rest of the evening followed the same pattern as the one before and we all went to bed satisfied with a day well spent. As I type this, we are all sitting on the bed trying to make the most of our last hours together before the inevitable moment when we have to go our separate ways once more. We have had a truly magical couple of days and wanted to share it with you, loyal followers of the Family Green, as we were not convinced that Joey would be fully able to.

Sadly, this post has now come to an end. We hope that you have enjoyed it and will invite us back to blog again. Until then, enjoy your lives and be excellent to each other.

Hannah & The Rachels

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