It has been a long time since the family was all together, but finally I am proud to announce that we are all safe and sound under a (very snowy) roof in South Yorkshire. Fortunately the surprise snowfall was perfectly timed as the three university attendees finished for Easter on Saturday 16th when the sun was still in the sky and the temperature was above freezing point. After some slight panic initially at the thought of packing nine months’ worth of washing into the “Green machine”*, the road trip to collect the kids was a success and all seven members of the family were reunited. Just in time for Sunday pizza night.


Jack was sorely disappointed to realise that his older brother had stolen ‘The Icicle’ from the conservatory roof…

… the Green twins fought it out for ownership of the frozen weapon

Sara Jane in the snow

Neighbours witnessed a cheerful Tom clearing the drive, whistling as he worked

Cute selfie

This has nothing to do with being reunited but I found this and thought it was quite amusing…

Another old photo… nothing has changed. Tom and Joe are still rocking a checkered shirt and Sam still looks a little shrivelled


*credit to Stuart for his incredible car-packing abilities… I confess that it was predominantly my items that were most difficult to fit in the car. During packing I did question my need for a trampette, a spiraliser, a food processor and a sewing machine for the six months I was living in my most recent Leeds accommodation. But hey ho. No use crying over spilt milk.

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