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  • The magic of Zumba! May 13, 2013 sara1

    I had no idea that so much time had passed since my last blog. Good Heavens. I must have been very, very busy. I have, in fact, been working on several projects, the most pressing of which is making my hair grow. I have to say I have made slow progress and wonder if there are any suggestions?

    Bent on keeping myself in optimum health, I have endeavoured to find some exercise that I can do a full three hours of a week (not all consecutively, you understand!) as I have been led to believe that someone of my personality type (slightly nervy and very energetic in a very grounded sort of way) needs that much. Apparently, much like different breeds of dog, we anxious souls need a lot of walking and invigorating. It’s all to do with using up the cortisol we produce, you see!

    I heard of a dance-y clappy, shaky form of dance called Zumba (apparently founded by accident when a jolly, vibrant aerobics teacher forgot his equipment – oh dear!) and I went along for my first two classes last week.
    Well, we were a motley crew but we all managed to shake and wobble most bits that were shaky and wobbly and it did, indeed, fit the cortisol-using requirement. I am a confirmed convert.

    In the corner was a haggard, wizened lady observing herself in the mirror as she danced not as vigorously as she had thought she was. In the middle was the loveliest, sexiest, jolliest instructor one could wish to meet. There was a selection of ladies of a certain age – some tall and some small. All seemed to do remarkably well in keeping up the stamina needed for jumping and zooming and twisting and turning and pounding and puffing. I was suitably impressed.

    There is always something sobering about cavorting about in front of a mirror. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t do it that often.

    Now I’d like to say that next to the jolliest, loveliest, sexiest instructor was a toned and vigorous lady called Sara Green. But when I looked in the mirror again, I realised that the haggard, wizened lady in the corner (do you remember? The one for whom I felt a lot of sympathy…) was actually me.
    Let’s hope that next to the Zumba studio I might find an anti-ageing studio next time. I shall surely drop in there before my next prescribed bout of vigour.

    Happy beginning of May and happy middle. Let’s all hope, too, for a happy end!

  • What the mother has been busying herself with… February 26, 2013 sara-and-stuart1

    How I wish I had the technical prowess to be able to post lovely photos of things I was about to eat and share after a romantic few days in the city… however… I’m too busy cooking or doing something somewhere for someone to stop and photograph it. I should change my habits, I know, and in any event, computers and I are not good bedfellows.

    Chez 191 we are on a cost-cutting mission… Stuart has turned the heating down a degree (or so he tells me…) so we are now having to find our woollens and thermals and pile them on with gay abandon. I note that in my Sam’s post he details his poor health. I do hope there is not correlation between that and the arctic conditions prevalent in our abode! I do keep supplying him with tonics (no gin – that’s for me!),  hot water bottles and cups of tea (although I do warn him of his caffeine intake and its tendency to inhibit the absorption of iron… Heavens to Betsy, what it must be like, living with me?!)

    Stuart and I are trying the ‘No Carb’ diet for two days in order to cut down our levels of insulin. Well, I am on a mission to cut down my insulin levels but Stuart admits he has a few pounds to lose (in the weight department, not the monetary one!) I found it incredibly difficult at first but it is getting easier… we British are simply not used to steamed fish and veg first thing in the morning, are we? We prefer something of a sugary nature…

    Also, Chez the Greens, we are embarking on a couple of business ventures… actually, they are ventures of mine that I have been meaning to initiate but hadn’t got around to it. Needs must and all that… I am now the proud owner of an English Tutor website (and a parenting website is on the way!). I suppose I should be extra careful with my grammar and my punctuation. I do love those dots ‘though…… as I always have far more to say on the subject but, thankfully for the readership, not enough time to say it.

    Needless to say, if you know anyone who would like English tuition to GCSE and A-Level or some parenting advice from Sara the Parenting Guru then pass on my details. Refer them to this site. They can get a feel for the lady and the family and make their own decision.

    Now I need to go back to my copy. This, it would seem, is a term used for the writing that you put at the side of a carefully crafted photo of oneself designed to show one at one’s best. The still life I can do. I notice, ‘though, that Stuart has posted up some video and, necessarily, has paused it on an unfortunate picture of me manipulating my mouth in such a way that I could be related to a creature called Ned (whose relatives seem to be making regular appearances in pies and bolognese!). I had no idea, hitherto, that I had a slant of the mouth. How crushing real footage of oneself can be. I also detect the sign of at least two speech impediments in my discourse about the faultless way in which I will motivate your children to achieve a higher grade.

    I have decided to air my hair. For those readers who are not familiar with my medical circumstances, suffice to say, I have had some bone-startling poison pumped through to rid myself of a rather annoying preponderance of ill-informed cells. Fortunately, said poison has deleted said cells but taken with it my crowning glory! I now resemble an aging Action Man (do they still make those?) and have, hitherto, chosen to wear an adornment such as a scarf or, dare I mention… a hairpiece! I daren’t mention the actual word as it brings a terror to the faces of my children so we tiptoe around the edges and I wear a lot of woolly hats (handy, ’cause with our new temperatures, they are a must now rather than a lifestyle choice). Anyway, I have decided to air my hair whilst I write my copy. There is a chill wind blowing from the North and the copy is is beginning to gather ice around the edges. Poor old Mr Fiennes on his quest to traipse through all that snow. He has been defeated by the removal of his glove and the ensuing frostbite. I know exactly how he feels. The removal of my hairpiece has halted me in my tracks, there is a whistling wind around my ears and my brain has gone in to ‘sleep mode’. I’m off to summon the helicopter to lift me up (note a helicopter not a hot air balloon…) The copy has frozen. Much like my computer.

    Best Wishes.

  • Welcome 2013! January 9, 2013 sara1

    A Happy New year to you all and welcome to the first of our blogs for 2013. The slight delay in posting has been due to the heavy traffic in our home (no, Jack, we haven’t been driving through the hall…). Despite the ups and downs of last year, we had a wonderful day Christmas Day and the the children went off with good grace to the first of their practices for the Youth Orchestra on Boxing Day.

    Stuart and I had a quiet time sorting through photos  for an album and the requisite montage that we have in the kitchen.

    On the 27th, as well as meeting a lovely family in the evening, we presented the children with their joint present for Christmas ( there were other, individual ones, honest!)..which was….( drum roll……..)


    An AFRICAN DRUMMIMG SESSION! Steve Rivers, a drumming chap in Sheffield, came to the house with his wife Nicky and several large drums and we had a wonderful hour beating out African rhythms ‘en famille’.

    On the Saturday, the CSYO concert was received very warmly by the audience and we were very impressed with how well the players had done in the time that they had had.Well done all!

    New Year’s Eve was a very jolly affair and we finally made it to bed at about 3.30 am.

    Alice’s insistence that we have a theme meant that I had to don a flapper’s costume and look a bit of a Charlie, quite frankly.

    Life is now slowly returning back to work mode. I, of course, have a strange timetable at the moment since I am still undergoing treatment.It is amazing how one adapts to one’s new circumstances very quickly.

    I am now planning to continue work on my ParentCoach website and also do some English and Drama tutoring. So, if you know anyone who would like some help in any of these directions, let me know.

  • A bright and frosty morning…. November 16, 2012 sara-and-stuart1

    Despite the clear bright day that it is now, I felt my age somewhat when I diligently began polishing Jack’s shoes this morning (an annual event brought about more by parental shame than a military urge for cleanliness and order!) and realised, too late, that I had chosen blue polish for black shoes. He now has a pair of shoes that are one quarter black/mud-covered and three quarters a murky blue.

    Encouraged by my success I began to prepare for my daily constitutional (which is part of my new routine in my new life – more of which, anon) by wearing clothes that make me appear to be much more sporty and outdoorsy than I actually am.

    Sport attire is much like cleaning fluid, chez moi, in that I feel that I have made some progress by simply having the right equipment to hand but haven’t quite come to terms with the fact that I might actually have to do something vigorous with it to achieve an end.

    I have had a delightful morning with a hypnotherapist who was wonder and light, even though I managed to turn up at the wrong time for the appointment. I blame the iPhone diary and the fact that a time is already penciled in designed to dupe you into believing that you have already fixed a time of some sort.

    I now have an appointment with a business plan and the computer which I am trying to love and cherish and nurture even though its workings continue to be a mystery to me…

    I haven’t given a thought to the evening meal. Oh, but then it’s Friday, and we all know what that means at the Greens!

  • My first ever blog post October 6, 2012 sara1

    We are just preparing to take Tom to York University tomorrow morning. I shall be taking him to the supermarket today to stock up on basics, but perhaps we’ll decide to walk this week after our catastrophic journey to the supermarket with Joey last week when our 14 year old Mazda let us down by picking up a four inch screw in its tyre!

    We hope that Alice and Joey have settled in to Leeds and Durham and we look forward to reading their blogs.

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