School isn’t the greatest thing on the planet. It isn’t my favourite thing either. It’s unavoidable so I just have to live with it. (sigh again)

Here’s what happened:

  1. I entered a competition and I played and sung. I didn’t win.
         :(     (Play the video)
  2. We found out that our summer production is the Wizard Of Oz . I want to be the scarecrow . SCARECROW
  3. Tests, Tests and more Tests. I’m sick of them now. They are horrible. Why are they invented?  (don’t answer, It is a rhetorical question)

I have got to go to school at 8:OO on a Thursday because I go to the booster classes with everyone else in my class.

My teacher is Mrs Lesniak ( said lesh-knee-ack) and she is a nice teacher  but is strict when she wants to be. I get lots of homework and stuff to do so I don’t get bored  so I don’t get caught doing nothing.


I’m just uploading a ‘vlog’ so you can see me again. I’m devastatingly handsome (wink wink). Who wouldn’t want to see my beautiful face again? (another rhetorical questian). I’ll hopefully blog and vlog soon (if I don’t forget) so don’t miss me.




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